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the Museum

Welcome to a unique museum …

   The Ancient Rope Laboratory of Verona family was born in Thiene, in province of Vicenza, and grounds its roots since the time of the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

  The first written record dates back to 1789 when the name of our Corderia appears in the census thienese. There is the name of the founder of corderia Gaspare Dal Ferro from Montecchio Precalcino, whose profession was:

…he makes hemp ropes
(in Venetian language)

  The laboratory was thus born in the eighteenth century thanks to the family from the Dal Ferro family, passing successively through Angela Dal Ferro, wife of Lodovico Verona. The Verona in the nineteenth century brought this manufacturing tradition to a growing business expansion, serving customers in Vicenza and the nearby mountains, staying active in two families almost to the second half of the twentieth century.

  The Laboratory of Verona Family has survived until today, thanks to a restoration that has maintained and protected its original shape, and thanks to the preservation of all original work equipment, with which we spin even today..


A visit to the Hemp Museum,
The Ancient Corderia Verona

  As once we buy the fiber of hemp, we work it and we produce wire and hand ropes with the techniques used in the Canevo House in Corderia dell’Arsenale of Venice.

  A visit to our museum means discovering an important handicraft profession, which we carry out from three centuries, and we do not want be lost and forgotten. It means discovering an incredible material, the ingenious dexterity of our fathers and the immense creative capacity of people with very little could create objects and precious objects.


The visit itinerary

  The visit itinerary includes a visit to the Corderia and the Andio. We’ll tell you all the steps to get a hemp rope, the tools that are used and the manual movements to work the Hemp. After the visit we will prepare a small rope handmade to keep as a souvenir of your visit..

The visit is made at the moment by reservation only

  Schools and groups are of course welcome, please contact us first so that we can organize and welcome you as best guests.



   We work with the APS “Amici di Thiene” and in particular with the Historical Commemoration Thiene 1492. We work in the streets of Thiene (Vicenza) on the first weekend of October and as guests in Venetian, Italian and European Historical Commemoration.

    We are willing to evaluate our presence in your historic event with all our equipment, and the historical stands of Thiene 1492. Contact us …


For more informations
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Rodolfo Moro
(proud grandson of Barba Sogaro)
Thiene, Vicenza – Italy

+39 340 3959743